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Mix dosing car


With the SIEPLO Mix Dosing Wagon you can perform better and more conscious than ever. Of course mixing, weighing and dosing in one operation means a considerable time saving for you. At the same time you realize a significant improvement in your stable management. Through the easy-to-use touchscreen you can fix the feeding schedule of your flock to day and kilogram accurately. You can import and report the dosed quantities per calf or per loft. Valuable information for the farmer who wants to perform better each round! Through the careful dosing, up to 100 grams accurate, you will always give the optimal dose roughage to your flock. The ingredients are mixed during feeding to an airy and homogeneous mixture.



  • Extremely accurate dosing
  • Touch screen with software for feed registration, feeding schedule per day and possibility of reports
  • Adjustable drive and dose rates
  • Low maintenance thanks to brushless motors
  • Energy efficient
  • Unique vertical mixing system ensures homogeneous and fluffy mixture
  • Suitable for all types of roughage, such as corn, pellets, straw, barley, etc.
  • Extra manoeuvrable by 3-wheel steering
  • Very stable by low center of gravity
  • Robustly designed, large wheel diameter
  • Unique design with very smooth finish



  • Different software variants
  • Sliding valve
  • Rosé version (with large discharge openings)
  • Auger for high mangers
  • Camera




Type Inhoud Afmeting bak lxb Totale afmeting lxb Hoogte Rijsnelheid Dosering
MD60 800 liter 140x60 cm 200x73 cm 180 cm Traploos 0-7.5 km/h Automatische gewichtsdosering
MD70 1050 liter 160x70 cm 220x83 cm 180 cm Traploos 0-7.5 km/h Automatische gewichtsdosering
MD80 1400 liter 185x80 cm 245x93 cm 180 cm Traploos 0-7.5 km/h Automatische gewichtsdosering
MD90 2000 liter 215x90 cm 275x103 cm 190 cm Traploos 0-7.5 km/h Automatische gewichtsdosering
MC60 300 liter 80x60 cm 110x73 cm 150 cm Traploos 0-5,0 km/h Automatische gewichtsdosering

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