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Mix Dosing Bucket


SIEPLO mix dosing buckets


Do you want to provide your calves, bulls or young stock efficiently with roughage? Then an articulated loader with SIEPLO Mix Dosing Bucket is the ideal solution. With this Mix Dosing Bucket you remove feed from the pit – between 675 and 4000 liters at a time. The Bucket is made of stainless steel. Thus it is not only extremely resistant and durable, but also light. You can make maximum use of the lifting capacity of your articulated loader and load more roughage. The vertical mixing system provides an airy and homogeneous mixture. Also in weighing and dosing the SIEPLO Mix Dosing Bucket is a top talent. While you are driving the articulated loader, the Bucket weighs with unprecedented precision the dosages. With the latest model mixing, cutting and dosage of grass and silage is possible. Test it yourself!




  • Suitable for corn, pellets, grass, straw, etc.
  • Mixed and dosed feeding in one pass
  • Two-sides unloading, adjustable output capacity by means of dosing slide
  • Aerated and homogeneously mixed product
  • Short mixing time
  • Little residual feed in the bucket by new mixing auger
  • Low fuel consumption by renewed hydraulic system
  • Protection of cylinders and dosing slide
  • Available for articulated loaders, forklift trucks and tractors
  • Made of 100% stainless steel
  • High loading capacity thanks to low weight
  • Wireless control by SIEPLO controller
  • Robust design and smooth surface finish


  • Very accurate weighing system
  •      With wireless data transfer
  •      Creating recipes
  •      Precise feeding
  • Side shift
  • Cutter knives on mixing auger
  • Tractor / forklift tipping frame
  • Silage cutter



Mengdoseerbakken in bedrijf


Type Inhoud Afmeting bak lxb Totale afmeting lxb Hoogte Rijsnelheid Dosering
MB900 640 liter 90 cm 125cm
MB1000 810 liter 100 cm 125 cm
MB1150 1090 liter 115 cm 125 cm
MB1300 1540 liter 130 cm 135 cm
MB1500 2000 liter 150 cm 135 cm
MB1800 2220 liter 180 cm 145 cm
MB2000 2750 liter 200 cm 145 cm
MB2250 3350 liter 225 cm 145 cm
MB2500 4075 liter 250 cm 145 cm

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